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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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the charges and counter charges ing ck a forth especially on the replican side is getting rely intense. >> and we ha ninmonths before election day. the stakes arereigh. that iwhy we are sing it get so heated. that is e top story. llary clintod bernie sanders at a town hall. ey have a dete tight. ted cruzaying in on donald trump accusi h of illegally stling the iowa caucuses we begin our covere with hallie j hallie jackson in manchester. good morning. >> reporter: goomorng. you d matt said it. today there is a newone to the onunners feud. donald trump and ted cz will be barnstorming w hampshire but trump is sck on iowa calling cruz aheater. air tr air p stopfor engi trouble. ld t donald trump now demanding a do
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finish in the iowa caucuses. i t i came in first if you take a look. th vot atoter fraud these poans are brutal. >> reportemp accusing ted cr of liow n winning it echoing ben carson's complainousome cruz fers e the implation, tt carson was out, b he was not. >> think it was a dirace that he did it. i don't think it should be allowed. i think those votes should be taken aw. he really lies i don't ke to use that term t he really lies. >> reporter: co not union came back with h own oneiner. >> iis no rpse tt donald is throwing another temper tarum or trumper tantrum. >> he is calling you a cater, a fraud.
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yo >> donald's insults gere and more hysteril the more upset he gets. trums insults get more hysteral. my gir are 5nd7. i've got to tell y caryn and catherine are betterehaved than arential candidate o responds by insulng everyone every day when hloorter: the texas senator also taking a dig at sarah palin after she accused his campaign a dir trick. >> it seemsf y spend too much time with donaltrump, strange thing happen to people. >> reporter: a newoneo the front-runner's feud. on t establishment side, meanwhile, jeb bus widely accepted to get back up so. givi his brother a helpi hand jus when heppears to need it
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prepar to act in the nationa cutyntert of ts country, t get back in the business of creatg a more peaceful world. please clap >> rorter: and tod two few for bush,othropping out. paul is not expecd to endorse anyone but sanm is. he backing now mar rubio. matt, vannah? >> hallie jackson, thanks hlarylinton and bernie sanders warmed up for tonight's debate on nbc by fielding estis at a tow ll. nbc's andrea mitchellsn new hampshire where tonight's eve will be handled. goodorning to you. >>ood morning, matt. it's the fst debate and the only oneefore nexek's new hampshe primary. they did wm up appearing
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reporter: a difrent side hillar clinton was on display wednesday night. >> i've had to be in public dealing with some very difficult issues and psonal issues. >> reporter: saying she rie on a jesuit parable toeter through the times. >> be gratefulknow that you have to reach out to get more peopleo reach you, support you, listen to your itics. but in t end be grateful. >>eporter: she pounced saying ho sheook $675,000rom wall stetor speeches. >> i don'tknow. that's what ey offered. >> reporter: a closene t wall street has becom big ir for beie sders. >> i dnot know of a progress ogresse whhas uperac an takes $15 million from wall street. >> reporr: sande andlinton ve bee taking jabs aach other for days over who's progressive. >> some of my bt fends are moderates.
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but yocan't be a progressive and a moderate. >>eporteith five day until the primarylinton i far be i a ste she won years years s ars o. ts state has been so good to me. >> reporter: narwing tap here but trying to speed u the momentum in south carolina where bill cnton was alrdy campaigninwednesday ni >> who' the bt change maker? >> hillary! >> reporter:onight is hillars last chanc to reinoduce herself to n hampshire who are so far ovwhelmingly supporting bernie sanders from neighboring vermont. she'll be on the sge face-to-face with sanders for that debate moderated by rachel maddow and our own chuckodd. >> thank you, andrea. appreciate that. >> chuck todd is ao in new
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he's co-merator for tonight's debate a debate and nickolle wallace. mber one is therenowing on the substance of i and number two is there a sharp political attack >> lk. i' shocked ttitical campaignry to electi ere's not a lot of there there. did they take advtage of the situion withcarson, yes, b aot of stuff gs on behin the sces there. so i thihe charges are overwrought. look, it's donald trump playing a lile bit of litics. that said, i hav to the more t fit, the more this help one candida. not ted cruzr donald trp but rco rubio.
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>> we k tg is different than wha w saw in iowa but a the new hampshire voters, are ty emoonal voters or a they pragmatic voters? in other words are they goin to go to cr trump or the best pers to beat hilry clint or whoever the best nominee is? >>cally -- and i have t git cav because nothing is historic. for two reasons they're m practical voters. in new hampshire, independent can participatin the imars. you'll read that they'reot choosing beten rubio and kach. you hear out people choosing beeenilla clint and marco rubio. there makg aplety diffenap. thisnifeig goin beeen cruz and not eac man destrg eacther but totay alienating each her. >> and turning back to chuckn
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you'd call i a knifeight or bel fight, y hear themho the most progressive perso in t race who's getti the bet ove that one? >> well, look. thinkt really depen on who electorate right now. what y're sing i sanders and the idealism and take it to washinon a do those things. that appealingohe young neration. that why's dng so well there. th pragmatic argument shoul be one work wel f hillary clinton here in new hampshire partular o the democratic side. r year ey've been a bit more agmac,ad bn a bit idlist idealiic. i think tonisebat wil towait. >>nie saers, fsh wh cash, he's the gext door,
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this before, donwell in new hampshire. shs going to pour an enormous amount into estate. if she cses the p, bstantiay, is it gng mean victory? >>ereanders should take a peek at what marco rub did in iowa. because if he lets the expectationstand thate has to win by some whopper of doubit fige, he'll lose if he wins. remember in billnton saying i'm comeback kid, cong in second place inew hampshire, but nobodremeers that. >> tat i at 9:00 p.m. night easrntime. the myeryor a plosionly shortly after takeofth ripped thatole si oa enr e mali itast csed b a bomb. nbc's keir simmon has developments on e investigion. good morning. good morning. we'rstill tinto figure out
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officials say no sapl s und inside t an yet expertshink dame physic on t tsidnkn expln r. thisning t airline said the aircraft was 15 minutes into the flight still cliing when a le was blown in the lage. how it happened is still a stery. experts tell nbc newsngs may nave survivedfhey had been a a higheltude than 12,000 feet. ci cfi passenge passenge descre seeing smoke. i saw>> iawhi smo in a feweconds d rli. we s a holin the pla. >> repor >> reporter: in the past u.s. bound pl had been taeted with bombs smuggled intohe
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richard id ted to detonate from shoes. and in 2009 a detroit bound plane umar farouk abdulmutallab hid explosivunderwear. in tcase offials havnot d out ilur the aircra were a we are awa of e rerts abthe daallo alineght. a spesesman told nbc news airbus has a team on stanbyeady to join t itigation but i waitr an officl request fr ahorities isomalia. and the turkish airlineslight om the se aiine was caled. st othe passengers are tranerreon te ilted flight. ey wer't mnt to be on at plane d esd with their s. >>hey're very lucky. thank yove much. new developments in the fight the virus. ors governor rict deared pubheth emergency on wednesday in four
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dinosed. e haveeen ateast nine cases in florida. scott says hwants officialto prepared for the possibility that zikcould sp. healthffialselve all cases are from people who contracted t disease whi traveling linmerica o the riean. martin sre, the rmer pharceutical exeti w rais t pce oa ug 5,00s appeing on cit hill t hi todayut we don'expe to hmuch fhim. >> that temporary price hikead critics calling shkreli the most hatemainca known for speaking his mind his gate wts h to keep the er drug coy ceo knfor raising ug prices d his voice now unacteristically quiet. fm hence forward does not speato any mbeof t t
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reporter:hkreli new attorney iosing a gag order afr thclie appred on chges securitfrd. the char the arges are not related to controversial price hike for fe saving pi for h ncreed the price from $150 t$750. that nly imposedilence -- likelylikely t eeno h appeanceod befe coress >> he will be inving fifth amendment privile. >> reporter: hwas talkative day on per 105 >> ielling you i'm from the street. >> reporter:here he sp abeverything fronald trum video he leed last week. >> you t >> you think is okay to beef with me. if hwe he,'dlahim inheac >> yououldn't. >> he has beeneudi wh the rapper evesince spending $
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>> he is taking shotat me. the hip hop game it's not to be on e receiving thing out jumping back. >> y're not hip p. whatever. doesn'matter, man. >> whileis sti eeti out iultsnlinwhen com to gal tterhis wyers doing the lking. >> >> wdo notelievee eve kninglyiolated the law. >> his hh ofile persona impactinprofits. the stocthstock portfoo dropped fr5 miioto $4 million. ch a bar g. >>ee w t lye aik ough of atng. > e criminaluaassat ca against bl cosby is moving forward. a pennlvaniaudgeefused to throw out e casen wednday rejecting the defenss claim that theormer district attorney promised not to prosecute cosby. the judge found that promi wnot binding on the current d.a.
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charges. cosby has cosby has deedny criminal wrg doing. > an update to a sto last week. calgary amesefenman nnis widema the man who claimed he wawoozafr a hit and accidently crosshecked a nesman. the league suspended him for 20 games. sohat is what ppenwhen you accintly cross-cck a lisman. might hseen that one coming. to the video we showed you he top of the show we are gettg pse t knowwilduar in t u es. ul the adt le has b by mote csor ca before until now has never capted on deo. erva
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u.s. due to populaontrol. h ther see them on video. > what what's going >> we havee wet we talkut and may a little sn storm, at what happened in the carolinas. carolinas. strong win, avy rain combining toring down powe lines, trees on to homes, ocng down massive structures, aking a mess and the isore on the y. look we ha othe radar. areas may looking thre fouchesf rainnd is iall staming a onsyst that willay as we ge ase geintoape hatter we are talking about some are up to tee inches rn in ree-ur time riod
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souttoni tomorrow tomorrowlow pressu stem will mo up the coast about rush houmorrow morning atlantic ci, much of nd intneengland and boston we could wee looking atwfall s inch perring rush hou s a quick em that move thrgh. it will ill just coldnough snow. areooking for anywhere from e to fr inches. boston may sp to five inch. chatm, msausetts, si inchesf snow. inches. rotrs, ithe tion'slargt dendt ud te welormaeacss cnt.rizo wonigh e hundd fiy ree ate ns a angothirty-eight, sprint g two
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d liily.a ant exstucon an ere orineron wllovuroso it. >>at thatr lateeather. comingwe take a ok at a possibility of another nor'easter for e next week. >> tnk you. > juste inhe jinx case? thcourm de that could haerdurscingrial. are
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7:30 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it is bruary 4, 2016. bicr big owouid ttg adfoa li s . iny stm. hes look at daheline dona tmp ausing tecruz
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cruz respond. he calls it a trumr tantrum. >> at th >> at the d of the d the iowa peoe spe. dona trumpuaeed a victor iowa and en he st. doeike . >> those t candidas will be de by de in a publican debate inew shire. >>illary clint and bnie sanders to parin a town ll in newampshire. senator sanders questiing his rival's libel credtials. >> io not knowny progrsive o hathese super and kes $15 million from wal street. >> i sai >> id i am agressive who lito get thidone. i amsed that bsanders t himself to be gekeeper of progresves. they >> thewill debate tonight on
7:27 am
anher night of sere weatheacross the south a rnado touched down in georgia, daged ser buildings and vehicles. no injuries haveeen reported. this morng gltpl from robert durst. the plea thpl is pavi t guy dst to sta trialor mde rgan hasheateson tha >> gd mornin from manhattan millionai to convicted felon, 72-ye-old robertst is expectere in los anto faca new trl whicy put nd to cades rder m. reporut of luck and outioof optionscoicted felon bert durstki frail and sicklyleed guilty to having an illegal in new orles. y >> you can't possess a weapoas soone under indint. >> reporter: durst will head t los anges to facarges for
7:28 am
susan bean. >> >> he doesn'knowho kd heand we want o get to california as quily as we can. >>eporter: berman the key to uockingystery that started 1982 when durst's first feisappe. >> duraid he wl ve $1 to anne to helpim find hife. epr:e claims shek a tranhe never saw h again. anth and then berman wash in the ck of thhead in helos anges home days before she was supposed to speak wi pe aboukathleen's disappearance >> if >> if he tsusan might say somethg. eporten 2001 durst was he hung
7:29 am
shelters and with trsients andknew howsmember a bo. >> rep >> reporter:urst said w self-defen aascquitted. s terviewed for "the nx" and in a stunninfinal episode was caught on tape mumbling -- i kil i killethem a, of course. >> tough case,ertainly not a sl dunk. it wil ill be a fieely fo se. i thk he wbe convicted. >> rter:h his ne trial se beginn los angeles perts y prosecors may ve theviden and motive to put durst bend bars. they say not age of e case but rather theuality othe ce. >> thank very much k of ter now from mr. roker. oday's wth is brout to
7:30 am
g. are g at md mperates coming into good cnk of thcountry r eken u will seeemperature peakg atonunda 41 in chico on sunda nday4 inexon. 47ere in n york city. bichangecong trgh of low pressureoing to g wnjet stream tthe sout we a looking for cold air reachingfar soutas ora. early next wk alg is jet stame are lookinfor a w prsure steto develop. uld benother potential noeaer ceaiy intoave pact for the w mpire imary ontuda a couplef molsgreeing we cod beooking aa
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the case of virgini we have been >> the is heartbreing. erica hill talkut t story andiv parents information they can use. >> practical t aways. 13-year-oldice lovell will be laid to . the bodyound over the weekend. while the investigation into her murder is ongoing, h use of certain aging apps is e focus ofattention. nollovell family and coy mourn the loss a 13 ye old they are seahing for answers. >> thesendividuals took my daughter from the planet. i want to know why. >> reporter: long before nicol snk outfer house friends suect a pdatorayave
7:37 am
soci media. whpolice he not moned specicvidenc autrities yicole wive owitter on tn datin andlirtand shed frids texts fromn 18-year-oldan slanned meetustefore disappeared. kik with% oamaneens usg t ap itsnef manpps fbint andher of three warns pas out. >>ill tel u, the sct from cybullying to exoitation allhe w to overas trost recruitg is ppeng onpplications like this and sial media sites. >> kikssued tollowi stement. we he dicated team working 24.
7:38 am
effort to educate parents, kids and law enforcement about online trust and safe. kik says it developed n set features t blk, filternd rert reportnaroiate bavior. last year a convictedex offender reach o to nbc afliate wood warning thepp could easily bese today prey on potential victims. >> the fir thing thought w i can be wever i want to be >> ror a numr of xual miscduct charges havbeenlinked to using similar apps. >> the youestictims are as young as and 10. reporter: while many parents monitor the kids phone
7:39 am
expe sayea were toldo k comter ithe . no theame thing wit phes. don'tethem t it t bed at nigh and without you supeisio >> i have a 1 y old, 1 y dnd 9 yeaold. thir app y wan pple t abo is ki weotaygribl app. they h a greatin wheeopl u the for nufa oses. ne the attranust ve user name you can chat with ainf people. but there are concerns abo other peopleho couldct children. there arepp within the app and that is w yn trouble. >> t great thingse ne and i b things thaot ed out to say we take a proactive approach to trust aafy a continue to dev
7:40 am
>> yip yap is anymous. you can pos thingsonymously.the is gpsocater that your text with anyon el certa radi. that is a crn that this could used seemshe it starts outine then the cots seem tecome derogary. >> t i here is ea you havtions. yot them peopnswe them aq&a rmat. u n block any users if want. the concern with aot pa andcatorse i e haveen lot o rts bulingn this we red o tthem. th tol us millis ofollars ispent onrortind moration tls i ordero stke rightalan bween safety and pvacy a say t
7:41 am
and yog adul. >>whispe a lot ooungeoe use thi as a way to confess th and things of thehests anonsly. it ce cathartic. >> i is what it is for. >> i dids for a friend and ldn' have >> it is teed forse over . th proem is it c bome aphic andex lotion. thats ajor co we rch out t whisr. we did not g a reon. th lt o her has numbe of pen eracerned becaus i exposhe portunyorhe-called ghost oriddenap. it is calle best cret lder. it looks like a utilityolr butel he content from res. ey did not resnd to requests for comm experts s you mayave passwords but ere could be other accounts that kid are
7:42 am
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>> we areba caon iat host marking tt cngwod. >>acebook turning2 today and to celebte they are out with new stats inclgommunity double in size in e last five years. and at tsoint theresnly 3.57egreesfeparation betwn two urs on fabook yat o cy cenal took a loo back at life fore facebook and ced a hashtaeforeaceboo i came top tre. chri kicke it offe fa did ik things
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downy bric conditioner. sh in the wow. top of the hou top of the hour, i'mhellen cockrell with a look at your local helines... major hospital in lodo is under inigation ght now... asrly 3-thousandatients who had surgery there arbeg told to get tested h- i-v... and hepas b and c! "swedishedical centen glewood... is investing whether a rmer surgi stole dru fr the facility,... puing those patiensk inroce. edish won't saw ey could become infecd. the surgicunder investiohas not been ed or charged. ital ss they have dee tients were actual eed..
7:51 am
us side for all the moisture we'veotn this wee-- it's t r the ov snow e meteorog say colorado'snowpack now above averagacross the state. which is welco news foour ter su -- bee when the snpack m this ring, thrun-oflls many of the servoi we ally on. and rememb. me of r heavie annua snowfa is in march a april. so we could really build on what e alreadreceived. chief rninteorist stepn boweoins us now th a lookt oulol fore... stephe.. temperatures will warm through the single dits and teens and inhe lower and middle 20s beneath sunny skies through 10 am. expect contied sune thronoon with temperat warming toward0 degrs.arly evee will warm in 30s between nd 2 pm. clouds will begin ineasing after 2 pm wh snowy sp begito developeten 5
7:52 am
> it's >>'s 8:00 today. sororitiesthe spotlit. onould be ma qution selfworth because they ertain way >> the decision to quit that hasethiingreek. llinback the curtain o the life of a surm. >> when you k ck to those s what type of mems do you have? >> reay hair.
7:53 am
>> rachel hunternsp about as life as a cover girl and is seeing beauty in a new ght. at is in a nam han aide on the ou probably misprono. today 4,016. >> good >> good morning montana. >>ood morninstlos. >> goo >> gmorng. >> happy birthday uso! cheers
7:54 am
4. great greatoave you joining usn a t rning here in w york city. a great crowd we have in r plaza. members of the uso rightere. so honored to have them. w n barely hear yo awe throwback thuray song ock with yby michael jason. >> a gre a great choice for today. >> stg. bualov mha jks thisorning. >> coming , a rentg how-to. game out of ything from cleaningp making healthier odhoices, even teaching your dsboutinance >>ta today's kid's editi. rsa checofhe top stories.> cegain dond ump
7:55 am
cruz be diualified as wier of this week's iowcauces. inrkan arksas wednesday trump acsed uz ostealing victory and suggted that some cruz stafmembs mied ians by teing them thaben carson was puing out ofhe re. >> that voter fraud, these politianare brutal. th are brutal. they a a bunch of dishonest cooks. >> it is >> iis no surprise that dona is throwg yeanotr teer tantm orrump tantrum. >> jeb b jeb bush finish sixth in iowa is expected to be jned his brher, former esident george w. sh. hiary clinton is trailing in the pol aheadf tuesday' primary. tension teion tweethe o apared to escale weesday trading ja or who is more prresse.
7:56 am
>> io not know anyroessive who haa super pac and takes $15 milliofrom wall street. i was somewhat amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gakeepern o is a progressive. >> theebate ist the 9: stern time omsnbc. a da a dark night in orlando. the man fld whatppeared to aeal gun and left without hurting yone. ce are searchior the waabe wae caped usader. a car ende in an unusual spot. struck severavecles paed, wentir borne, on the that garage. poli say the dsuffered a medil emgey before t cras a crane had to be brought in to remove the car and dver fr the roof.
7:57 am
conditn. >>now toall evamp soroty eeriences nioide. >> it stted with thivideo fr sdent a it is goi ral. hoda has the story. he >> soiro to join a welcoming community on a he coegcampus. stead she says she eed a cultur a culture she scribed as sappointing and hateful. some may rush to judt. >> pand like to go out a lot.>> like party. epor a fsoty member is pledging to exsewhat she calls a cultu cruelty. >>ne of the worst heing a sister talk about hyoxy cut. >> r since she poste this youtu veo she says she
7:58 am
or she quit she quit her sority after 2 1/2 years. dec to join and give it all a try, buty values didn't ign. itas rlly e wathmen treating the other men. toee wen ileadship roles telling us we shou care more about what othereople thk and what we look lik hearing sters tellinsists dss sttier at the next formal >>epor >>eporr: ohio univsity lta gammchapter ing phos to launch a campaignalled dene stereotyp. committed to ing each other a high academ andard. our o is to do good in all aspects. >> rep >> rorter: unirsity of louisville ao lending hand.
7:59 am
th i can b uphding values. those th those that are notn greek life en'tblto a of th posivehings weo. >> rorter: a the natnal conferce tls nbc news rori membershaand thlives of milliof wen and s improved graduion rates addi it ares the call for a thghtful dialogu i wt to foc othe positive a what we can do to change. rit w it is about opinup the nversaon >> s said she made the decisi not to na the sorority butants to prote change. weched to sycuse iversitynd was twe realexakout applr for ng the conf to do wee taa nu of additial ptiveps i recent yea addinis importanwork that wi ntinue. i think i inthe are probab good
8:00 am
>> unfornately, they e up on thishow en they do things thre disappoting and f frniti, asell. >> ts a al sisteood. you two were in riti >> ta. had a great expeence. >> stop >> stogiving me e secret ndshe. congp nea life sson thaone inteecved onhe very firsday t job. >> good know. nna bushaguecatcs up with supermodera hunr. rshese messages. th supermodel rache hgoing to share ahotof my eggo waff when's sintereing ney becae i'goin s a pho of my eggoaffl wht up. l'go my go l'eggo my eggo (answeng mhinehey! leave a messag hi, i know y're the, 'cause i can see y. i'caing u to tellu to'eo eggo! anncr: some things are too deliciouto share. golden crisp warm and fluffy eo wales.
8:01 am
skin nocomes intive new ier skintive rly brighter. e dailystur wi antdant vin c, at smos, booradian protts. see brighterkin inust week. new earlight om gnier. skintive soupnd up andandwich and clean and real,and feing good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. e clean irin menu. at panera. food as ithould be mom,ad.>>so now that fedex has streamliour e-comm and helped us grow our business, i think it's time we start acting like a business. >>okay... here we go... , look at this...
8:02 am
no psol items itted in the workpla. ..o oswi need to come wn. we'll be doingome mandatory testing. and the's also strict no dating policy. >>uh, but honey, we're mried. th's going to be a problem. growbusiness with th line shipp tools . most people ow the four c's ofa diamond. now, kay jelers brgs yo..the newest: chocolate. levian chocolate dionds on levn, mtersf jelry design for centuri... ..akes jewelry with rare choce diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs th she's sure to love. at kay, thnumber-one jewelry store... america. levian chocolate diamonds. ...for the sweetest thing in your life.
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i've beeon myi've been my feel l day.bushed! yea me too. cuse m..cominghrough! ri the gel wave of comfort with dr. schol ssaging gel insoles. they're pren to give you comfor whh helpu fe more ergized ...all day lg. nt wha has. at johnson's, the products iour bath timine work together ke a team. the esampoos, the sham witlotion a combinatiodegnedo help improve ur babs sk barrier whe you stimathis sens. with johnson's, e mo y put i the moreheget out.
8:04 am
wha wha trendin y. let'rthls thisnteresti study. back in s days any tr's >>no. >> i wasno >> were. >> no >> anybody voted btsinger >> the you go >> what abo mt likely t ccee >>r. ker. >>mployee of the nth? those tle are meant to encoure u. a ttle boost to your ego. a new sdy fm hvardnduc beeyo the real deal, the say actua whenome peopl in group are pised it is
8:05 am
simplyther people s you g agabel a ty give up. >> esp >> especiallith kid i tnk ey are sensitive to that. >> it' supposed te moting. >> i wld take it t way. >> that's theay would te it. >> aarently jus simy s he is always goi t be the teacher' p no sen in my trying yng glsre so prsionle i thi they ge up more. >> thing thatake y go hmm. one way t not emploe ofhe month. this guy fell asle o theob of a techstar w h fst day. the co-wkers took this phot he posted the pictu on dd >> i
8:06 am
caured a v notong ago oco-exetive producer tom mazzarelli in his offi. hat'sea >> he sdleeremi peoplei wake up a 2:30 ithe morng. thas some o his bt rk. are ymispronouncing the names of some o your favorite bran lot of peop were scked somethingut some pple sayzara. actually it ispronounced what it is a spani any. >
8:07 am
how do you say this? >> american way to say that. >> w say adidas. >> >> and this is a good how ho do you say this store in. >> papy >> s peoe think its pap r t is od. wha bernisands i sa a lav and t grana whoust went dancingn the dark. >> i know your parents td you not toalk pitics durg pop star rnieanders mad aconfessi dung a tn hall
8:08 am
hostingsnl." he d a good ition of yo you do larry david imitation? >> im lar dad. >> we all kne >>eal larryavid ." "snl." an interview wi vulture revealed someone suggested it at a larry'snt out of the blue lry wanted to -- >> look at them. >> rai yrand i yhink there ietter than even chance that bere sandersws uon "snl"? >>solutely i doot kno anything. >> d't ty have a debate on
8:09 am
>> he can get in after . >ext wreckin balljoiningus. miley cyrus announceds key ser. >> did you know this >> i did. >>e have blakendil twted phoof hersel licking liing the buon. >> y>>ou know they push the bn to turn the chairaround. what did you just say? >> i haveo tunn more often. >> ihi the miley booking worked. we have oneer here. fiy, bruce springste making one lucky woman's dream come true. you remr ncg inhe
8:10 am
it happened tuesday performing in toronto. whoid he bri on stage? an 89-year-old womanelrang her birthd. th bosse herug and leder in a nc nicemoment. that is yr pop start day. >> i doe something. thank for that. i want wish my wife a happy birthday. >> happy >> are you making dinner?>>absolutely. >> pizza sound odi'll cal on . >> hap birthday. ll wee long weave been tting youet for the big game on sunday wh e sup bl mmcialicko. this morni weave two more
8:11 am
>> >> y need to ld in ecount. accoun i liked it. >> i c do aerobs to .
8:12 am
this one from toyota for the prius. >> my nes todd got to do my job bet you never thought a prius could feel so bad. it mhe onhe road. soittle gas. get on whls. technee. >> toyota, let's g places. >> >> >>. >> we posted theul toyota commercial it run longer than that o you know how much it cost to buy a 30 second ad during the ser
8:13 am
$5 million. that' your latest weher. weather. we are catching up with supermodels toind out whe they are now. >> this morni we are talking rache huer. >> i have a majorirl unr beganodeling 30 yes ag was ap back home tha inspirer tat new
8:14 am
in aew light. that fresh fa, s kissed glow and beachy hair landed rachel hunter on the coverfountless magazis for mh of the '80s an '90s. >> you were the firstlass of true supermodels. when youearhe word supermodel -- >> lik a halloen stume. don't know what it was. i think it wasike thismergg moment that happened with fashion where erybody was a supersta at that time. >> reporte discored at 16 yearsld hunter wn't alway so surthis ceer was f he >> hontly never dawne on me the impact of what clearly this would end being i my life. >> reporter: were you immediately happy with this careerr werehere times y
8:15 am
>> i was like i'm going to go in make mey andet out and done b six months. here we are 30ears later, rly sucked me in. was i happy doing it? it was job. i' embarking on a jouey around theworld. >> reporr: the 46-year-old model is searching for a new definition of e word. she jus may have fnd it wle shooting her n show "rache hunter's tour of auty." >> as much a i thought i understood beauty iever fully understood it until after i went on this journey. >> possibilities are endles ren't we dnkin this? >> reporte how did thi project cngeyou? >> you fall in love with these people and you get to walk in their shoes for a momt and understand wha their passion is inheir life, why they think this i imrtant. >> choosing to dss lik this. we are prof who we are a
8:16 am
>> the expernce of giving hunter a new take on perfecon. afterraveling the world and arning about buty and other cuureshat did i tea you abou america's fascination wh plasti surgery? >> went from wtingt t ablutely no longer wanting it and also understanding that is whatoueedhenow can you jue sobody eporr: one tng remained constant throuout is where hunter finds her hapness, here home with son and daughter. you became a model really young. got married really you and had children rlly young. when you tnk bac to tse ars what typefemorieso u have? >>lly bad hair. i look bk and i was a ki i lived witmy heart and live very passionately.
8:17 am
eporter: wt d youhink it meanso age with grace? >> what makes you happy. to actually live them is ver hard if i can be hap and excited and a fulluman being that's a good thing. >>o the main secret that rachel shared wit me i took these shots, she say it helps her have a heahy ow. i took two of these woke up perfectly healy. is a ltle stro. like a vodka shot? i have acold. i hope it works. sugar up in that. >> nothene she took. a y kding me >> the price of auty. >> you think i is rrible. >> like licking apenny.
8:18 am
lied a penny? >> ien't i is what i would imagine. he oddes thing i have heard. >> and by theway, -- >> i'll take otr. o wednesdaye d om good morning. good morning. at :26 past the hour, i'm shellene cockrell with this today show update... lorado springs police are asng for the public's he in finding a missg woman this moing. authorities y 60-year-old "karen keffe hasild dementia and described aa white female... with dark brown hair she was last sn wearing a blacand white shawl. black knit cap and blue jean she ght be around acacia pk or the downtowcolorado sings ar if y see her...
8:19 am
sn pcrews ll be out n forc today trying to to l the residential areas in colorado sgs... ey'll be wking untiline o'clock toni- the city's stet divisn managesa most neiborhood strewon't be cle curb to cur.. trucill only be doing pass in, and oasout. anif y're wanting to file your tes tay... ths will not be ceing ectronically filed taxetns because of a computer outage. the agency says a system suffered a "hardware failure" whh is affecting its e-file and "where's my refund" services. chf morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our local forecast.. stephe.. temperes wilwarm through the ngle digits and teens and in t lower and middle 20 beneath sunny ies through 10 am. expe continued sunshine thugh noon with temperatures warming toward 30 degrees. nearly everyone will warm into the 30s een noon and 2 pm. clouds will begin increasing after 2 pm witsnowy spots beginning to develop between 5
8:20 am
[ eers a applause ] 8:30 now on a thursda rning.
8:21 am
bi cnce f us to say >> >>omg up, fun ws to keep you happ healthynd informed from the four js. weave new te on pia, the quick a eas recipeor theltate super bowl snk. it's like aittle blast from the past from a vieweright here. >> verynice. thank yo >> lookt this. >> i don't know what i holdi ther se kind o juice. >> >> that's prey good. l's get check of the weather. >> just want to -- anniversary of the uso. how important is the uso? >> everyere we go across the worl the us is there. we can't thank younough to
8:22 am
>> how do you support? >> #uso >> >> thank you ver much. certai puthat on. wi withay leno andurd ie -- let's show what is go on assr weaer is concer foeekendday w weather in pac northwest and saturday some sunshine dropping east half of th.s. sunday w weather on the southeastern atlantic coast. look for sunshine along pacif northwest coast. angeluaian schoo its
8:23 am
>> >> f nor carolina -- >> thank you very much. get ready to read. a writer soaring tthe topwith a serie of books that of people thinkld become sdes of grey. no one i moreurprised than the author rself. >> reporter: s is the new
8:24 am
ights you can still find her doing dishes. sh is sky rocketing on best selling lists wmere calling the next 50 shadesf grey. >> i loved it i absolely lov it and tught this woman, a mother could leave the corporate worldnd write a story. >> she was yourmotivation? >> reporter: a calornia mom with two ergetic little boys and full time fundraising job. she w after the kids were in be and self blhed her steamy stories onli. >> didn't think that anybody would want to publish me. reporte the came "calendar
8:25 am
payff her dad's gamblindebt. some might call theooks soft porn. >> i despi it. >>here is aot of sexn . anything thatou a embarrassed about? >> i wouldn't say emrrassed. i have been raised in being open minded. mykid' teacher found out i ite. she said i wt to read yr oks. i said you likeot bos. she goes absolely i'll read that. calendar gir is being transled into 15 languages. >> it's a little frightening and exciting. ut her hband just staed the book certain he knowshe origin of the gorou leading man. >> as the main man based largely myself. >> did he just sthat?
8:26 am
says lite has changed in her life. >> doour neighbors know you are writing tse books? >> acally, no. >> reporter: her friends do. doing wthe les wti full time, her dream turne reality. the most important thing i want to tell anybody else who wants to write or do anything is go after it, make it pp. go for it. do whatever you wantecause you can. >> for today janetshamlian, n ne. ws.
8:27 am
e are back at 8:38. todas parentin is joining force with our start today four js help get yr yea off to a productive start d now gettg your kids in on the action let'salk abomoy. we h a question from our parent team. rachel e says h do i teach my child talue of mone how do i expla that we are very fortunate b we can't always have what w want? >> that is theey money questi. money is always a lded resource. you want toeach yourids that youave t make choices from the time they are little until ults a he to live with them th great way is brd game >> you have to be age opriat you love using monopoly. >> so muche thanust being the banker. monopoly teaches all about diveication. you don't want to put all yoggs on park place and broadw.
8:28 am
>> i used t love sorry as a kid. >> i bet once ia whi you walked away because you were so frustrat it teaches you to stick with it, persevere, rea impornt in the markets. >> katan. >> a newer teens love it. college studentsov it. it teaches you how to leverage resources. it is about building cit in tan. it is a fantaic game. >> deang with finces not a game but games can help kids g better with it. >> tha you very much. now let move t kid and cleaning up. jill marti is here to tell us howo do that. we hava estionrom a member ur parenti am. how d teach my dter to clean u h toys witut making it feel like punishment. >> we welled to make as much of aess as possible. t end of the day we had to put the toys i basket.
8:29 am
a gol star. the end of theek wm ever had the most s got a priz something they asked for $ or $10. you bot wt this jewrykit. th winner will get that. were going to put 30 seconds on the clock. whom everets the most toys in the bin wins >> sta the clock. >> on two, three four. five six. >> >> ni. nine. >>11 12 >> mr. poto head >>
8:30 am
>> 20 over . 18 or here. >> so sl get the star. grace gets the star. so it is 3-2. we have two more daysnd you said you would share the pze at the end of the week, right? it workst' ma, let'so you. hard tgeour kids eat right? can helpithat let med you question from amanda. amda says ho you helpid start making healthy foo choices on tir own and get to tr things? >> fir a foremt as a parent yout toe a healthy role model. it seems so obvusut it is powerful. educat your kids in other words, when you a serving healt foods make a connection beten tha healthy em and some sort of heah payback. ey don't care abo cholesterol and blood pressure but do care abt being smarter and stronge a er.
8:31 am
in fro o them and saying this is what you are eing today get them involved in thprocess. >> definitely. th more involvedhey are. i wt t focus onbreakfast. breakfas breakfast tends be a meal we have a lot o control over. u want cool spinn somein healthy. this is my happy toas youtartith whole grain bread and thenut toppings on top. this is breakfast pizz kids love pizza. u do it with a tortilla. you me t tortla. you build it like a regular a. iss a morni milk shake. o doesn't want a milk ske in the moing. we knowss basically a fruitmooteith stunky store -- funky stw. >> or a store. e have tips on getting them to work.
8:32 am
and exerce he has ied. how c i get himoving and find some ercise he actually enjoys. >> i wasn't a natur gifd athlete. >> nor was i. am nothe pr with ias ltl iou go f bike rides with mydad, night was. we wouldut on lights. one minute and we put on head lamp as pents you are the first example. mommy is doing exercis. she s m moving so she will. come to fre classe ha them try karate and tennis. maybe not push. let them find their o passion. the oth thing that is really fun and i did thiss a teaer is yoga. we have ll bla and -- chloe. chloe. you are louder than that. let's do the tree pose.
8:33 am
they are bethan i am. tree pose -- yoga brings good energy, concentration and teaches them how to cm themsees. >> downward do wh do we do when we do downward dog? wrangler sees . myernal forite -- you can go into cobra. loe -- myavorite is dce party. let's do it. dance party. by the y, if youan to hear more go t dance party is on.
8:34 am
tree bac
8:35 am
love is in the air and no time like theresent to invest in ur relationship. for more tha 20 years our frndsave helped 25 mlion coups pnheirweddings. a friend re, hoda. >> good morning. we are going toavereat advice forouples of all kinds coming up. w have teamed upith"the knot and made t mus vid called ittle romance" w had coupled mared 50 plus years. it is an epic sweepingutiful music video. it will be next ek. it i soucucfun. >> what do y do? are u the rector? >> i am moralt. you areoing toe it. >> let's talk about how to keep your relationship suessful. with tee different kinds of couples talk about.
8:36 am
yourirst tip has to d with - >> we ow that laughr is the best medicine thatoes for relationships, as well. start early. incorporat humor into you life. >> ends up working a lo reaffirmin love. >> ablutely. this cane as simpl as just ying i love you. those three words can be so powerful. >>how a united front. you're a team. when you g married never put yourself dow a aays be reectful. >> certain things happen when u have children >> yrirst is break t routine. thats a good one. relationshi not nd routine. for date night switch it up take over the plans, keep them secret and it wl add a bit of excitement. >> dress up. get out of the sweat pants.
8:37 am
put onheoutfit you know they love. we see each other at our worst and me reason to look our best. >>o you think t care? i thi we should care. makes us feel go. >> what about unexpect gestures? >> and theca be completely free. >> get up t minut early and surprise yrouse. ndimext messag >> youav other ideas? >> send i love you tex message t >>et's m to our ety when kids go y wder if yo things in common. >>olutely. thiss on something new. take golf lessons together. it can be very simple. >> show
8:38 am
it can be a little smooch. >> a little something. just a small kiss or a coue that i talk to they dancevery dawhen they come home. >> and be suve. let's not talk abouthis music videone more second. it's allcing. we've got everybodynong ball gowns and it's likeheir own lovely dance party. i'm so excited about this. >>ou are going to debut it next week? >> we will do bend thecenes and haveome fun. >> t you so ch. >>coming up next, you will want to stick ound forhis, sur bowl ss with a french
8:39 am
es, it is. >>ba >>back now > backowith our "toy" food countdown to super bowl 50 ea pic up one orng pmake your own th anch twis annabel nabel langbe is the author of "t free r cook hos a sh by thsame n re m thist yoypicizza. wh do u callhis? s enchza. t's t with thegh. lot the ingrients, nothing out the ordinary. >> reay simeough wit flour,akinpowder, oiand wate is a vegan doug kay. >> we pop this in here. saltnd baking powder. >> youe gog whisk tt a little bit
8:40 am
tother. silly a rao of two p flr one parliquid d i've got ahi ofup of oil and two-thirds of a cuof war. >>s that warm water? >> lightly warm, n hot, hot. it just comes together. you ju won't belie h easy its. >> how long should it take tt to get tt to the consisten u' looking fo >>t just comes togher like thatnd it's done >> peect. >> tt' o dough. b, bu en y pick itanit's a nice dough. heris o thahas en tting for lile bit. >> you fl hosupp it is. a vegan dough. ese ys erybo iur fami is ing eat ffertly. >>kay.nowhato weo? >> now t topngs. we have some ne olive oil. drizzle at ithe pan. everything goes onhere. >> i will he you >> beautiful. these are red onions.
8:41 am
iton burn. it's gngo cook dow it's gng to ke15inutes. >>'veotoudough re. >> my h. >> you'rgoing to rl that out. >> i'm gng to ve you a job >>ka >> y're going make the otr on >>hi you'reolling that out an shong people hast is, i will srto ilth pia t dhahabeen prar he. see the oons there? they are goi to keep in the fridge at least a week. so it kes it so simple that you can have it prepared ahead of te. >> l any me mention to you we ve our team tasters downstrs digging into your pizza annabe how i gs? >>ery good vy gourmet. i like it i thi everybody wants to be out hang fun. you n't wa t fl ts time of yearhatoue sck in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun. >> and can we mention here peopleealizeou're t from nder you're fr new aland,ndf theyonr wh you know about a big geike
8:42 am
cuwas ltar >>e hath w won? >> my team, the all blac >> very od i'm asseling ts. and i'm assbling thati'm gog to me this the same. i ink onof the big tngs oking is ibr evyoneogethe u t th cnce th wn hang out andt isn't rock science. it looks good. >> okay. now let's come ovehere to what we wouldavput in the oven. les ta a loo at whatt los li when it's done. this is beautiful. thcolors, even. >>t mas really light and mes you caeaitt ro tempature. sometimes when you cook chee and eat it col icabe claggy. what is this veion? >> this a vegetariaversion made wh zucchini. cookeddown saw todathem andou're done. >> annelangbein, tha you souc enjoy the super bowl. >> i will. >> we're back th much more tewi. >> we're bac top of the hour, top of the hour, i'm sheene
8:43 am
local headlis. a major hospital in colorado is under investigation right now... as nearly 3-thousand patients who hasurgery there arbeing told to t te f h- v... d hetitis b and c! "swedishedicenter" in englewood... is investigati whether a former surgical tech stole drugs from the facility,... ttinthose patientst risk in t pross. swedish won'say how they could come iected. the surgical tech under investigation has not been arrested or arged.... anthe hospital says they have no edence paents were actually exped.. t they'rbeg caio b mmdi the testing. d a plus side for althe moisture we've gotten this week -- it's great r e overal snowpack. state meteorologistsay colorado's snowpack is now above average across thetate. which welcome news r our water supply -- cause wh e snowpack melts this spring, the run-off fillmany of the reservoirse all rely on. d remember... some oour heaviest annual snowfalls inarch and april... so we coulreally build owhat we already reived.
8:44 am
stephen bowers joins unow with a look at our local forecast... stephen... temperatures wilwarm tough e single digits anens an into theower and middl20s beneath nny skies thugh 10 . expect continu sunshe rough noon with temperatures waing toward 3deees. nearly everyone will warm into 30s tweenoon a 2 pm. clouds wilgin increang te2 pm with snowy spots benninto develop betwe
8:45 am
thi this morning ontoday's take george clooney and rihanna on neve i have ever. >> we have everythin you nd for your b bowl party this weekend. all tt and more coming u now. frombc news ts is day's te with al roker,lie mo natalie morales,illie geist
8:46 am
li from studio 1 in rockefeller plaza. >> it is thursday morning, february 16. so folks o on the plazahimorning. tamron o assignmen in new hampshe. talie, whato have? >> brand new by benctor. he was on our show. i just love this song. i love m. it's "brand new" it's a brand new day. >> i he to downloadit. let's t pols bse that is wha is hpeng right now. >>lly? >> dond ump and ted cruz back at it rightow aftermp finishedecd in iowa. you remember he gave a pretty gracious speech, thaed the people of iowa and cgratulated ted cruz. a changed yesterday in a sees of tweetsn
8:47 am
fraud in iowa echng b carson's complaint tt some cruz staffers spread the word that carso heade homeo florida suggesting he was getting out of the race so why vote for a guy getting o of the race. st night donald trump spoke on fox news about this issu >> think it was a disgrace thate did . i don tnk it should allowed. i thin those vot shod be taken away. he really es. i don't like to use that term but he really lies. investigating . uz came out aaid i apologize,utheay he ologed w saying cnn report is. we took breaking news told our grass rts supporters to takehe word out. aie is not going to diipline anyone inside of his campaign. trump is not buyingit he wants a re-eleion in wa
8:48 am
>> it is no surprise that donal is throwing yet a temper tantrum o another trumper tantrum. >> hes calli you a cheater, a fraud. you? >> listen, donald's insults get more. we need a commandern chief, t a twitterer in chief. girls are 5 and 7 and are tterhaved than a presidenal candidate who responds by insulting everyon every day when heoses. >> sen >> senator cruisez talki to jackson last night. dersonper asking hlary inton speakingees fm firms like gan sachs after she resigne as secretary of state.
8:49 am
po to is you were paid $67500 for threespeeches. s that a bad judgnt? >> i made speeches a lot. i told them what i thought y. answered questions. >> didou have to be paid $675,000? i don't know. th is whathey offered. every sretary of state tha i know hasone at. to be hone, i wasn't committed running. i didn't know wheer iould or not. >> you didn' kno y wereun g president? >> i didn. >> let's face it, a lot ofimes speakers have a certain price list if you wan a speaker you look on their website and there is a prili. 's what thearket will bear. >> usual when ty sn you up ther is the added buses
8:50 am
suort for hercampaign. >> a little acss. and theres a debate tonight on msnbc. chuck tod and rachel madow, bernie sanders and hillary clinntanding o a stage gether having a dete. this is fainatin back on tepubca sid jeb bush yesterday speakg at town hall in hanover,ew hampshire. donald trump accusedim of being low energy a perhaps awkward a times. >>he signal tt we ar prepared to a in the natnal curity interest ohis country to get back into business of creating a me peacefulworld. ease clap. >> plee ap. >> like holding up the appuse sign for hielf. >> one thing i will jeb bush has kin of a dry s of hur if u watch him.
8:51 am
i thk he w make ag joke there. >> i d likehe casua w at candites are all -- except foronaltrp. >>here was a thing trending out that >> theyll dress like joe. the have names. wreallyeethe --e ow whoou are. >>here didt all start? go back t chris christie after surm sand t flce. that says veor. weno who you ar who am i? i'm governor. >> i have t bovnortoda >>resident get the nice leather jacket that's the one you want.
8:52 am
fighting r. its not about ring t free world, about the jacket. what els i happening day? facebook is turni 12. hay birthdayo cebook. ok aoo bk at life as we knew it before the social network byreating a hht befo febk evybod wgh in i wtnstant remiedf raom ev from yrs ago atonge care t. fo febook iw who m al frien wereut nothat theyer ea. chd wte borack i agine it wldav beeneird yomeom a was lookinghrghou pto albums don' forget t likeur facebook page before faceboo what were y doing? and after facebo.
8:53 am
drinng sewheren atnta.>> before facebook >> i wasoio say -- >> i'mnacoo a apectehe power of facebk an know aotf peopl rely on it to keep in touch. i am more insgram itter. have youiked our facebook pa? >> peoplhaveeen lg it piy. wiie, you ang to do it w. go to package. go head to t sweepstakes tab to enter. we a doi a faceboo live at shtly. you can a us estion we wl tryo answerem. really fst bigacebook -- >> >>hese gifts. >> $500 gt ctifica to k
8:54 am
speakin oames grge ooney arena are on "ellen" playing nev have i er. never he i everexte a nude lfie >> ah, righ george >> ner havever hooked with someone or 50 >> never >> nev have ever see rappernaked. >> totall >> sp lyg.>> one time. >> it's true. the two of them tother >>eoelooneynd ranna togeer.
8:55 am
let'show youhatsoi on as far as yr wther i concerned. ouralk tay orev night." are watinghis front weig acros from fda off ast coast bringin more heavy rain to our friends ithe carolinas. goll ty are going t get pound. me aas pick t three to fournches o rneral urs. we arelso going tawatch a little low pressur system develop along this tonight. we have winter sto wches out for e stheastern massacsetts cap cod ea. tnow startso me in fro the uth. start tomorrow morning about 7:00 a.m. lot this. new jeey tough lg island, connecticut, rhode island and into boston we gotsn. we cld see snowfallates of an inch p hourn these ars. if this shifts further west, new york city parts of n jersey cou g invo.
8:56 am
ewfal amountsrom four to six inches. boston two to five. plymouth two to fe and chham may see three to six inches of snow. m not goingotart about wh mig come on tuesday next ek. willie m get let see how we are doing. we are cnking up there.
8:57 am
nd like us and reg for th sweepstakes f a 00 certificate for jewelryt ses. 200,0y tomorrow. end of the week. >> wee averang about ,000 fks a day. big izes. no whammies. just aheadprocrastination, quantityver quality andore leisure activities. there is a share traitf history's most successful innovators. we explain surisg ndgs neg findings next. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sotis, grandpa? llwh you have copd, cane rdbrthe. can be haout, h can make it hard to get a i talke my doctor. she sa... ort could heou the bett arting whin 5 s. mbict esn't replac rescue
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9:01 am
american innovators you might assume they were b with a gift the rest us don't have. adam ant, a acclaimed professo has found there i hope for the rest of us in his w book originals how nonconformists ce t world veri tprg seetsf successfrail blazers a how you me one, too. >> 34-year-old am grant is teaching some of th britest youn busess minds to be producti by being eati. first spo origin ea, says, ito poke a hole in the status quo and see what is behind it. >> nalitytarts with athe world around you. take iativ to not only have the eautak reality. >> in 2010 four studentsid th
9:02 am
glasses should cost hundreds o dollars. that question and the answer gave biro theopular eye ware company. >> said we wouldike you to inst i ts compa tohich you id? >> no. >> that hurts right no >> i iald at ove billio llar w myife handles our investmes. >> 2illi t b act. e moment was an inspirion for the booket out to instigate what he admits >> i tught a origal people were dare vils. most successful ereprenrs andnybody who champions an ig idost pplatkirisks. they like playing safe. >>epter: aer finding -called expes don't always know best. we know "seinfeld" as one of the st successful tv shows of all time. executiv and test audiences
9:03 am
before the show saw the light of day. >> the ss abo thing. >> a lone nbc executive whose focus wanot sitcom thought they were worthhe ot. >> came from special dertment. heas working with different formats of shows. wasn't stuck on a mindset. when heatched the show instead of evaating it he experienced it. lived and it mad him laugh. at the ethe day people will whow thaes them laugh. >> what doehis mea for and yr original idea? he has a lis of suggestion first take your ias to digreeable people. >> those are people whoill challeng more and crit you more whichill help you improve theidea. >> don't be afraid to procrastinate. >> most the time it is about waitingor the rht time to act, not rushi in saying i ha to make proess or i have
9:04 am
yourself the full windowo allow creativ ideas. >> make time for leisure hobbies. >> nobel prizeinners are 22 times more likely to b performer, actor, magician, danc than anyone else. y is that? >>art is reflection of having a rely strong sense of cuosity. and the sa curiosity we tend to explor leds theo inresting artistic. >> who knew t realret to success is in your w browser. >> firefox and chrome h better job a stay in the job longer. take tiny bitf initiative. that is a window int the initiave you taken you job. >> i am a chrome user and have been sceefore i read thi bo. >> my work heres done >> were you real?
9:05 am
justascinating guy. he i so smart. onef the big things he sai is go wit high ve oids. he talks about thomas edison havi mor than 1,000 patent most didn't work. keep turning out t ideas and a coupleay bome -- >> risk take, too, beingis advers >> i y a srt up you own company kp doihatou are doing first. dg your bets a little bit. >> i love e hobbyidea. nsinas aventriloquist. >> feople kw that. >> he wasn't. >> fainating, check it out. we have od, drinks and a whole l of fun for your
9:06 am
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our p ryan engelingold. >> you you can hit theig blue button. cupid, mt george washington,atch made i aven. big holiday weekend. we show you affordableet awa ter youroc news and weather. is yr head s is youhead so congested 's ready to explode? you may be muddling through rgs. try zyrt -d to powerfully clear your blockedose and relieve yother allergy symptoms. soyou can breathe easier all d. zyrtec -d.
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>> big b new in th search for refype iiabetesohnson & joson joini forces t speed development of first sm cell treatment. th he begun testing it in a small numbe of diabetic patits.
9:12 am
become obeseadults. the impulsive behavior makes it harder to have good habits. > cleaning upour kchen might help you lose weight. researchers asked a group of stressed out womeno wait ia uttered kitchen w another group waited in an organiz kitchen. th messy kitchen group apparently ate twice a many cooks in just ten mines than those in the clean kitchen. we have anmportant recall to tell youabout. re tn 158,0 dirt devil vacuums are being recalled due to electrical shock hazard. prong on the eleric cord plug can detach and remain i the electricaloutlet. injuries have bn reported. consumers should sp usi the
9:13 am
vacuum. mcdald's and partnership with reading is fundamentals swapping out toys f books in their happyls from now until february 1 this isn't the fir time mcdond's made t switch. the chain did theame thing in 2013nd will have distributed more than 50 million oks. the subway sandwich chain $5 ot longpecial is no long. startingay it costs $6. online back lash was immediate and fierce. subway says the $5 sub was launched nine years ago and costs for ingreents and overhead have gone up. > let's look at our weekend outlook. expeing a few snow showers tomorrow.
9:14 am
saturday we do havee effect snow shorsround the great lakes. beautifu weathrounduch of th couny. sunday, sunday more snow, beautiful out west. we look for wet weather makin its way thr t southeast which may make its w up the easternseoard. >> >> and that isour latest weather.
9:15 am
weekend whether rootingor the broncos o the pantheryou will wanto tow ani party. >>ave a grea ideas. >>i. >> let's start. you have a war drink to start things off sdp when we have a warm drink. we a using the crock pot a little diffently. weut arock ta. it has apple cedar. we use we use mason jars. you caet this as any home store and duc tape. you n use a green table cloth set the table. and you will seeou are drinking out of the t straw at you can get overnighte you can have it in tim forhis weekend. wateror a party. might sm like no brainer but have water out for yr gues these a easy prints made int
9:16 am
>> thiss our sck stadium. so all ofou favorite dips. we put outots of veggies. have a baby o for the kids table o one in the livgoom d one in the kitchen. >> the azon commercial where alec baldwin is buildin a snack stadium. >> this icool. r the bncos fanhe toaster an the y snackstation. >> lk at at. gobroncos. >> we put out aheese platter. thiss so ey evenheid can getntooing th. hone and mustard and carolina pulled pork andhen end up on something sweete have bros that are either just a sml paring knife. knife. th of course, f and games.
9:17 am
involv this is halftime commercial bingo. you have the big adveiss. everybody c play as commercials come . >> where do you get that? >> you canownloadt onli also. >> c it out online. eryone has an end zone celebration. end zone celebrations ranging from a cart wheelo break dancing. th halftim dancing we have a dance off. you have your move? >> >> com on. >> putting the music on. >> all right. >> let's see some move >> end zone dancing. >>ome on. >>et's seeit >>real >> really
9:18 am
>>ou spike ind do this. >> >> woo! >> nice! >> a little heisn. >> excellent. >> wow. for more of these ide and ther a more -- >> let's see that one more time >> you can go o website. coming up next the bad guy turned good now? good guy now. one of our favites arod here ilng some of theea of e new seas. a f o hn. >> very imprsive. >> verimpressive. ja didn't like restrtions. noin life. and not whent came t watching her calories. why settle on tast jane thought at's whjane loves light & fit eek nonfat yogur bursng with rich crea awesomeness and 12 gms of prot
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9:22 am
,,, last week we gothockin news >> we dot wantopoil it so mute your tv if you haven't wahed . mute. tom is the father of liz baby. >> willie, i like that you were mouthing the words. >> youeremunicating ly lently. >> tom is willing to do whatever
9:23 am
>>. >> i need t j y. need the money. >> this is h -- you -- i tnk wehould call ias desperate. >> ou note -- >> that cheesy moment where it was like -- >> we were drawn in. >> in th words of maur povich, u are the father. >> im the babyy. e character is -- their lationship is so complicated it i amang to throw aer
9:24 am
>> i watched it last night. without ging anything awayhe relationshipeten you and ginas so terrifi you can be yourwn sh. then you have one on the show. >> he is so fanstically fantasc. >> i was a little in awe of. >> he di greatorn the show. is fantastic. >> meanwhile, megan boon is expecting in real life aittle girl coming soon. you areot thefather. >> not t father. >> well -- >> [ laughr ] >> hello. >>hat ppens? >> not atall. >>uch a lovely >> fantastic. ch how she is t apoach trole?she i known f doistun. >> we were joking her day
9:25 am
certai way. she had to lea up. and sheas like i can do thi let alone jump overar or whever whevert is. >> w will makep for the action elsewhe. >> we have to ask you about this pinteres thing. you were like onef the two o 32 em searched thingsn pinter me popular than homecoming h ss and strawberry ice cream cake. >> which i tught was big win for me. >> i discover beuse
9:26 am
and worki on my place. why? why? >> there is something because you a remodelingour own place so mbe y should start pinning yourself as you are remodeling. >> with no shion. >> m pintesting,ore pinning. pinterest is a bck he of type. yoget sucked in and never com back out. seven hours later y hav 1,000 couches pinned. or youend a pture directly ttae. >> ordering a uch. >> always so gd to seeyou. >> new episode 9:00/8:00 central. love is in the a and creepy cupid has his art on our
9:27 am
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9:31 am
>> we have apecial gue to help us. bring in cupid. >> don't do anything. >> somehow i expted more. >> wave olints, o. >> what our fst location? >> our firstocation is here in new york. this is beautiful partf up new york know 11 lesth most popular. the wineries. for couples going ne tasting whatnmazing eernce the winter and springrelow season. is is a great time t gn fordable deal $179 a night. th tow in lots of value added enities like a glaf sparklg wine, a bottle of wine an complentary tastings. >> faastic.
9:32 am
it's wisconsin. wisconsin. this is perfect for a family. own as theer park capital of the world. that is a title tt holdsru even during the winter time becaus there are several door water pas. for filies 60 acre wildern resort. rert. you can che out the wil water dome and families can rent private cabanas. you can hg out, ls of outdoor activities, cross country skiing $240 a night. th gives you passes f four, too. >> pretty azg. >> are we going to mt. rush me next? >> i hope so. >> romanticp in the big city. >> chicago. the windy cit a great place for coups to go because you have the great restauras, museums,
9:33 am
nter. a rely cootel ere. this is hotel hostile combination. $106 a night gets you a private room, funkyolorful decor, lots of locals love t g here. this is great for couples or with a group of friends. now mount rushmore >> no. >>hare we doing? >> just theresidents for presidens y. >> ts is jt a beautif town in in the coas president's west co west coast. beautiful property $119 a night. it is thr inns in one. for wksn the ach. you can go hiking right tre on
9:34 am
it is great for families because they have fire places. romantic. >> filly, a couplerying to get away, last locaon. >> durham,orth carolina. it is really north lina's it ty. to of great rtaurantsnd e hotel is cled the du. its $199 a night. it is an old mid ctury building the lobby cool, a variety of lo. they are doing ls o l touches like turn dow services, cal coffee. go to durham. >> thank you somuch. thank you to south dakota's mount rumore mascots and cupid and the music.
9:35 am
this is oday" on nbc. thiss "today" on nbc. one
9:36 am
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>>rone, this is ,""tayithathilee gifford d hod kotb. li from stuo 1a in rockefelr plaza. > what is that? zach by blurry. 's thursda thursd, februar
9:38 am
today. this lad fro n zealand is with us. she is like the bigge tng in al of new zealand. >> she came all theay tsee he flown inm new zeand to be with u toy. an boy -- no, we're notng say, a y, are arms tired. no! i'm not going to say it. >> how i that gawkua is tha deliciou deli >> and home madfrids. ipotle. >> sheoualk day lo. >> tworediblembus keers are coming we chose one lucky lady fromhe plaza who is a b fan andnuck up on another, one of our staffers, cebrating her 25th wedding anniy. e'll talut that bo is bac wither ttle les! oh, ba! bobbi is dowtair andil i upairs? >> yes. >> we'll just get a loo at th baby.
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